The Polefessor is available for workshops around the world. If you would like to host The Polefessor's workshops at your studio or facility, contact us and include all details to your studio or facility and requested dates.

The Polefessor


The Polefessor is definitely a one of a kind instructor and performer. She is a self-taught pole dancer and aerialist who started in 2010 learning from YouTube videos. Since then, she has garnered respect from fellow artists, and gained self-knowledge about herself as a person, instructor and performer.

The Polefessor started her pole and aerial teaching career in 2015 in Gulfport, MS after opening her own studio, Aerial Fit Lab, the first and only dance studio on the Mississippi Gulf Coast to offer Pole Dance and Aerial Arts. She is the Owner and Founder of Poledorant, the industries first and only Pole Friendly Deodorant and Grip Aid. She continues her journey traveling , training and performing.

Why The Polefessor?

What makes The Polefessor unique is her support system. It is her job to make sure that everyone leaves feeling stronger, happier, and successful. She continuously cheers and supports her clients! Her style is very sensual, graceful, and dynamic. Whether one chooses to be the sexy or athletic side of pole, she can help project exactly who and what they want to be. Proper Technique is a heavy focus for The Polefessor and her workshops. She believes it is important that proper form is essential to move through the movements without struggle. The Polefessor is perusing her Bachelor’s degree in kinesiology, which has greatly helped her recognize the bodies natural alignment and movements. She is also a 8 year military Veteran, Mother and pilar in her community helping shape and mold women into being more confident and strong one class at a time.